Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Southland Girls' High school students get creative

School gates may be closed but teachers are still sharing the fabulous work that went on behind those Frenchie doors. Check out this video made by two of Elizabeth Roy's Year 10 students earlier this year at Southland Girls' High School in Invercargill...that's right French is being taught in NZ from Cape Reinga to Bluff - how many teachers of French do you know outside of your region?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Need some inspiration to get through this paperless classroom thing?

Shelley McKay is teaching French at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls and I can confirm that she is someone we need to spend more time getting to know. Shelley established her own inquiry learning project in 2016 researching and implementing a paperless classroom and has worked through it in detail and with roaring success. I know Shelley would tell us that this is still a work in progress and all of those things that modest people say, nonetheless I encourage you to put aside some time this Summer and read through Shelley's blog to discover her progress on going paperless in a languages classroom.

I know there is a lot of emphasis going on in schools in using technology in the class and perhaps not as much support for the practicalities of that. Shelley reflects on her journey in making this transition and while she herself and her students ask some pretty tough questions it is refreshing to read the positive potential solutions to the hurdles as they arise.

Those of you in Hamilton, Auckland and Bay of Plenty could meet Shelley in a full day workshop to be held in February 2017 in Hamtilon. Watch this space for more details. Anyone outside of these regions could contact Shelley with your questions via her blog.

Keep up the brilliant work people, we have a lot of young people to inspire!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

NCEA - qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ?

I know that you're on holidays and your mind has (hopefully) switched off from school but I do encourage you all to take the time to complete the available surveys that NZQA is offering us to give our feedback on the 2016 NCEA exams.

I encourage you all to be honest and constructive in your feedback in order to have your voice heard.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Learning a language has a lot of benefits, including making you more tolerant

Click on the heading to take you to a link with some fantastic justifications for learning languages that we all know already but that we can use to back up our constant battle to keep languages alive in schools in Aotearoa. 

I suggest sharing this as professional reading with your senior management as well as within your languages department. If you're keen you could even take it along with you to your HOD meetings! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Learning languages...Avoir le beurre et l'argent du beurre !

What a pleasure it was to recently meet a young Kiwi woman who has learnt languages in NZ and is using them to her advantage as she tackles a busy job market and exciting future. Megan is currently the right hand woman to the Alliance Française French Film Festival Director, gathering a huge amount of skills and experience to add to her CV...all thanks to learning languages.

Megan Fernandes shares her story with us below. Feel free to share this with your students as food for thought over their holiday period and remind them of the pleasure of language learning as well as the immense benefits.

It all started in high school where I first developed my love for languages. I took French and Mandarin, and went on to continue with French until year 13. Learning another language opened up a new exciting world for me, a world where it was possible to speak with locals and get to know the true French culture. In 2011 I first visited France for a few days. In that time I fell in love with the country and the culture, I knew I had to go back but the next time be more fluent! So I worked hard at my French and the next year I went on an exchange to the South of France for 6 months. The exchange allowed me to experience a whole other culture and not just from a tourist point of view but by becoming one of the locals. My French improved drastically as there was no one there to speak English with and I made many friends. It was truly an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I love how learning languages opens up the doors to so many opportunities and unique experiences. I am currently working on learning Spanish and German. The feeling I get when I hear someone speaking in their own language in which I can understand, excites me and makes me want to go up to them and start a conversation. There are countless benefits of learning languages but one I find the most enjoyable is connecting to people. Learning another language allows you to extend beyond your current circle and make connections with all types of people. Through my language-learning journey, I have made friends with people all around the world and hope to continue this as my journey continues!

Lisa shares her house in Quillan, France

Lisa is a Francophile, therefore lover of all things French, that I met last week through a mutual friend. She recently treated herself to a house in France so now she has a great excuse to buy a ticket to the country she so loves...yes we're all very jealous!

If you're off to France and would like to check out this wonderful region please don't hesitate to contact Lisa and find out more information about hiring her house. She has shared a flyer that she made below so you can see more about her house.

You may bump into Lisa at the Alliance Française soirées and activities as she is on the committee of the AF Auckland so this could be a great chance to speak some French and even ask her about the process of buying a house and cutting through the French bureaucracy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sarah Collins partage l'esprit de Noël

Voici un film que partage Sarah Collins de Napier Boys' High School. Il n'y pas de sous-titre mais on peut facilement déduire l'histoire donc mettez-la sur la page Facebook/google/365 de tes classes, ou envoyez-la par email pour que les élèves puissent continuer à trouver du bonheur de la langue française pendant les vacances. Merci Sarah.

L'avant-veille de Noël 

Et voici quelques d'autres de la part de Sarah...il y a même une lettre à Pere Noél à faire avec vos élèves.

Sauvons le Père Noël

Le Père Noel et le bonhomme de neige

On a volé les rennes de Père Noël

Superb job opportunity in Hawke's Bay - don't miss this one!

There's a fantastic French-teaching position on offer in sunny Hawkes' Bay... 

We are looking for a motivated, innovative and enthusiastic teacher to join the Languages Department. It is well-resourced with great colleagues, lovely girls and a modern learning environment. 

The role is teaching Y9–13, full-time, fixed-term position. Commencing term 1, 2017.

Applications close Monday 19 December. Send a cover letter and CV, listing 2 referees to Evert van Florenstein, Acting Principal; email pparvin@nghs.school.nz

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Caledonian teacher looking to join Kiwi Physics and Chemistry classes in 2017

A teacher of Physics and Chemistry from New Caledonia is currently undergoing studies in order to deliver her subjects in English. As part of her preparation she would like to spend her time in NZ during the New Caledonian April school holidays (April 1-17) in a Kiwi school observing classes of Physics and Chemistry. There is no financial commitment required from anyone, simply a willingness to invite this teacher into your school into the class of your Science teaching colleagues where she can get the maximum benefit leading into her new endeavour.

If you work with some inspiring teachers of Chemistry and Physics who you think would be interested please don’t hesitate to forward this email and my contact details so we could discuss this option further.
There has been no specification about regions of NZ so schools from Cape Reinga to Bluff are welcome to jump onboard and invite this teacher in.

Lindisfarne College does New Caledonia !

Check out the report written by students at Lindisfarne College who recently travelled to New Caledonia and had a blast. Their teacher Marian Campbell shared this report and it is thanks to her that this group of boys from Hastings got to go on the trip of a lifetime.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stage de Nouméa 2017

The time is here to apply to come to Nouméa for three weeks to be immersed in a wonderful linguistic, cultural and pedagogical experience.

Check out the information on the ILEP website and email Jennifer (programmes@ilep.ac.nz) to get an application form.

You can apply even if you've been before so get in quick! Why wouldn't you go?

An extra bonus is that there is no cost to the participant in 2017 as there has been in previous years - all you need is your spending money.

Feel free to contact me to talk this through further.

DELF Scolaire information 2017

The French Embassy has released important dates for us to put in our diaries concerning the DELF scolaire 2017.

DELF Scolaire exam for students: Saturday August 26th
Please note that if there are a lot of students enrolled on this date that the oral component could be completed at another more convenient moment. More specific details will be available here from February 2017.
Costs are as follows:
DELF Prim: $50
DELF Scolaire A1 &A2: $65
DELF Scolaire B1 & B2: $80

There are several dates that you can take advantage of to either train to become an examiner for DELF or complete your refresher if you are already a trained DELF examiner.

Being an examiner means you can deliver and assess the DELF exams in your region. This may make DELF scolaire possible in your region and/or will enable you to share valuable information with your students about the structure and expectations of this exam.

See the table below for training dates in your region and contact me  or complete the form found here to express your interest in becoming an examiner. There is NO COST i.e FREE!! All you need to do is get to one of the venues for Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday...too easy huh?!?

Auckland 10-12 March
Tauranga 19-21 May
Wellington 24-26 March
Christchurch 19-21 May
Queenstown 24-26 March
Dunedin 10-12 March

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Et une chanson plus intéressante chez les garçons

Voici les paroles de cette chanson 'Ce gamin là' de Boulevard des Airs et Vianney (le même chanteur de la chanson en dessous avec Joyce Jonathan).

Bon chant

Les filles d'aujourd'hui

Nous sommes formidables, les filles c'est vrai mais il y a des inconvénients aussi n'est-ce pas ?  Voici une chanson de Joyce Jonathan et Vianney qui s'appelle 'Les filles d'aujourd'hui' que vous pourriez utiliser en classe pour en discuter plus. Vous trouverez les paroles ici.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

End of year staff meeting for teachers of French

I like to think of us teachers of French in NZ as one big national staffroom. We support each other and work together with the same aims so why not have the opportunity to meet together virtually?

Join me on google hangouts on Wednesday 30th of November at 3.30pm to sum up the year, look forward to 2017 and discuss any issues or ideas with colleagues from around NZ.

Click here to join the video call. Try clicking the link in advance of joining us on the day as you might find you need to activate your Google+ account or have issues with sound or video. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like me to meet you online to test your sound and video.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pascale Seignolles de l'Embassade partage un lien

Pascale veut partager avec nous cet article qui parle du passé composé et l'imparfait et qui se trouve sur le site-web Editions Maison des Langues. Ça pourrait intéresser certains parmi vous.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Venez nombreux - un grand journaliste et écrivain français fera son intervention à Auckland !

Check out the Alliance Française website for more details about how to hear Olivier speak and have the opportunity to ask him questions on Monday the 28th of November from 6pm at Old government House, University of Auckland.

Une soirée RACLETTE!!

Heike, le prof de français à Queen's High School à Dunedin a passé une soirée magnifique avec ses élèves - elles sont allées chez Heike où elles ont préparé et mangé un repas traditionel. À lire en-dessous.

La Raclette

Une bonne soirée chez le prof pour célébrer la fin de l’année a Queen’s High School.  Ce n’était pas seulement le repas qui était spécial pour cette classe de lycée mais c’était aussi la préparation ensemble qui faisait beaucoup de plaisir à tout le monde !  Bon appétit !

Vérité ou mensonge ?

Voici un lien vers un article d'un blog ou vous trouverez une idée pour vos seniors à utiliser en 2017. Si vous voulez lire plus de cet auteur voici son blog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Make the most of curriculum support in 2017

Being that Learning Languages is one of the eight learning areas (not the eighth!) we are fortunate to have many opportunities for support and growth available in 2017. I encourage you to take up one of the following opportunities offered through ILEP. Please contact me if you want to more or can’t quite figure out how to sign up.
We never know how long these brilliant opportunities will be available to us Languages Teachers so jump on board before it’s too late!
Introduction programme- aimed at teachers who are new to teaching languages. One year, inquiry based programme that fits perfectly with your school appraisal system.
Consolidation programme- for teachers with experience in teaching languages. An inquiry programme that you shape based on your needs. You will receive ongoing support during the year and this programme fits perfectly with your school appraisal system.
Stage de Nouméa – applications are not yet open for the Stage but I would love to hear from you if you are interested in receiving an application as soon as they are available. The Stage will run for 3 weeks in 2017 and will start after Easter in the first week of the Term One holidays with a return to NZ at the end of the first week back in Term Two i.e 5 days away from school. Teachers are expected to make a contribution to this 3 week immersion experience – the 2016 travelers paid $500 and I expect the costs to be similar for 2017.
While you’re in Nouméa you will stay with a host family, attend language courses at the university, spend time in a school observing and making connections (possible exchanges if you want), cultural outings and loads more. This is a stunning opportunity for you to make the most of.
TPDL – a brilliant programme that will demand a lot of your time but will be so worth it after the year of study, language learning and in school support.
All of the above are great ways of creating networks and links with other languages teachers in NZ, sharing ideas and supporting each other. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing a pool of us Frenchies signed up for 2017.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nos pensées vous accompagnent

To all of our wonderful colleagues and friends who have suffered in the earthquakes this morning please know that our community is thinking of you and very ready to help should you require anything. Please don't hesitate to call on us to support you with planning, moderation quoi que ce  soit !

Monday, November 7, 2016

Thinking about a project for 2017?

Why not start a joint venture between your school and one in New Caledonia or France and base it around WW1 commemorations? Here's a link to an article that was recently published in the Education Gazette calling for NZ schools to join the Shared Histories project which is an initiative from the French Embassy.

Your project can be as small or large as you and your school like. There is no obligation to travel to see your partner school although that is very welcome if it works for both parties.

Be in touch if you'd like support getting involved in this project.

Le Concours des dix mots - profitez-en

Je diffuse l'information suivante de la part de Pascale Seignolles à l'Ambassade de France à Wellington. 

En prévision de la semaine mondiale de la langue française et de la francophonie du 18 au 26 mars 2017,  le Concours des dix mots vise à sensibiliser à la langue française et invite chacun à jouer et à s'exprimer sous une forme littéraire ou artistique de septembre à juin.
En 2017, le concours « Dis-moi dix mots » invitera à découvrir que le français est une langue qui évolue et sait s'adapter à l'univers numérique qui façonne notre quotidien, en inventant de nouveaux mots ou en en faisant évoluer le sens.
Piloté par le ministère de l’Éducation nationale en partenariat avec les ministères de la Culture, des Affaires étrangères et de l’Agriculture et l’Institut français, le Concours des dix mots invite les classes à réaliser collectivement une production artistique ou littéraire reposant sur un travail linguistique à partir des dix mots :
avatar, canular, émoticône, favori(te), fureteur(euse) héberger, nomade, nuage, pirate et télésnober.

Comment et qui peut participer ?

Public : Les classes de français des établissements d'enseignement secondaire étrangers , FLE-FLS, filières bilingues francophones.
Prix : un voyage et le séjour en France de 2 lauréats issus d’un établissement d’enseignement étranger sera pris en charge par l’Institut français (2 élèves et 1 enseignant).
Une cérémonie de remise des prix sera organisée à Paris au printemps 2017.  
  • Du 1er octobre 2016 au 31 janvier 2017 : inscriptions des enseignants participants sur la plateforme du Concours des dix mots 
  • 20 mars 2017 : date limite d'envoi des productions.

La présentation et des outils promotionnels et pédagogiques sont à votre disposition pour une large diffusion dans vos réseaux, accessibles en téléchargement sur la plateforme du Concours Dis-moi dix mots 
-          le dépliant de l’opération, 
-          le livret des dix mots,
-          des fiches pédagogiques FLE, 
-          une exposition 
-          et des vidéos des dix mots
Note : depuis 2014, la diffusion de produits dérivés et la commande des ressources en format papier ne sont plus assurés par l’Institut français.

Je vous signale également qu’un autre concours « chansons sans frontières » est diffusable ; tous les renseignements sont sur ce lien

Give blood, save lives and parlez français !

Yesterday I gave blood and happened across two lovely nurses Junvi and Jacqui, who ensured the process went smoothly for me. Chatting through the donation period I mentioned that I have one of the best jobs in NZ so when these two discovered I was the French Adviser out come a streak of beautiful French sentences asking me how I was, presenting themselves and telling me about their language learning journeys.

Junvi et Jacqui de NZ Blood

It was a pleasure to meet two lovely people who took the risk to speak French and know that this has connected them to new people and cultures as well as personal growth.

Share this with your students to let them know that nursing is a career where understanding another language and therefore culture will help you excel in your career.

Thanks so much to Junvi and Jacqui as well as NZ Blood for an easy and enjoyable blood donation as well as being so open to a photo to promote language learning in NZ.

Bonne continuation !

4 Reasons to Learn a New Language - TED Talk

Check out this TED talk...you could suggest starting your BOT or staff meeting with this as food for thought!

Il neige à Paris

Voici un site-web du journal 20 minutes où vous trouverez une vidéo des photos de la neige à Paris grâce aux internautes de Paris.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Southland and Dunedin - fantastic network and jobs available!

Last week was a pleasure to head back to where it all started for me - Dunedin, where I went to school and trained to be a teacher and Southland where my first teaching job stole my heart and propelled my ambition.
Le département de langues à Southland Girls' High School; Mary Marshall de Verdon College;Elizabeth Roy de Southland Girls' avec ses élèves; Christine Black de James Hargest College avec Nic Jegousse de Central Southland College; une jolie vue ensoleillée à Gore à Southland.  

How lucky is NZ to have teachers of French from Cape Reinga to Bluff who are passionate, dedicated professionals who are doing everything to ensure that each student gets the best experience of learning the French language and culture. Elizabeth Roy at Southland Girls' High School has found that the AIM method is working really well for her junior students. Elizabeth also has a supportive management team who are actively promoting languages to their students and as a result every language at Southland Girls' has seen impressive growth in numbers for 2017 - contact me to get in touch with Elizabeth to know more.
Mary Marshall from Verdon College is introducing an Accounting standard in her Level 1 French course next year - this will add a new dimension for students to consider and could be something you think about...if Accounting isn't your forté then perhaps Health, Food and Nutrition or Media Studies takes your fancy. Let me know if you'd like to speak with Mary or have a look at her Accounting resources.

Christine at James Hargest College in Invercargill has started the ball rolling on Langsem 2017 for the Southland and Otago regions. Contact me to get in touch with Christine and pick her brains for ideas for your own region.
Rachel McDonald from Bayfield High School and the Bayfield High School banner on a Dunner Stunner day; Students at Columba College enjoy un café de détente with Jacqueline Hill; view over the harbour from Rotary Park in Dunedin. 

Dunedin has some open doors with jobs for 2017 and would be an excellent place for new teachers to work with supportive colleagues and lovely students while enjoying affordable housing and easy traffic. Sing out if you'd like to know how to get your foot in the door in this wonderful southern city.

Speech competition between schools

 A speech competition that started many years ago by Jasmine Hanaway at Sutton Park Primary School in Auckland took place this year at Sancta Maria College in Term Three.

 Students from Sutton Park Primary School, Sancta Maria College, Kings College and Macleans High School spoke on diverse topics from French gastronomie to homework to travelling the world. All students showed fantastic strength of character to prepare and deliver speeches which were well structured and showed multiple perspectives. It was my pleasure to judge this competition and it was a difficult job given the high standard of speeches. We even had half time entertainment in the way of Sutton Park Primary students who sung a French song to us!!

If you'd like to start a competition like this in your region for younger students then feel free to contact me and I'll put you in contact with Jasmine and Sue who can share their thoughts.

Job opportunity

Recherche Professeur des Ecoles pour programme scolaire bilingue "La Découverte” à Christchurch

French-speaking teacher for bi-lingual class in Christchurch, Years 0-6 (5-11 years old).

Part-time 0.6.

We seek expressions of Interest for a highly motivated native French-speaking teacher, committed to providing students enrolled in our French-English bi-lingual program with quality learning experiences that ensure the student is central in directing his or her own learning.

Applicants must be fluent in French and have a working knowledge of English. A teaching qualification is required as well as experience teaching children. A working knowledge of the New
Zealand curriculum is desired (but not essential).

The teaching will be fully in French but the teacher is expected to be an integral part of the school
team. Initially the French speaking class will be a small group of French speaking students between the age of 5 and 11.

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is a special character public school currently located in Aidanfield,
Christchurch (and relocating to the city centre in a couple of years). The bilingual program is supported by the Frenz School Inc. association and a local committee of parents.

For more information about the program please contact us by email francaisachch@gmail.com or
visit www.frenzschool.org.nz.

For more information about the school please visit www.aotawhiti.school.nz.

To submit your expression of interest please email us your CV (in English) and a short letter (in French) by email.

Applications close 09 November 2016 at 4pm.

A bientôt!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Peut-être vous préféreriez un échange à Salon de Provence ?

Michel Wisniewski est un ancien assistant de français qui a passé un an à Dunedin en 1998-1999. Il travaille actuellement comme professeur d'anglais au lycée Adam De Craponne à Salon de Provence et il voudrait monter un échange avec une école en NZ. Ses élèves sont en seconde et première donc entre 15 et 17 ans. Michel a comme but de communiquer tout d'abord entre les deux écoles avec l'idée de venir en NZ et accueillir des néo-zélandais en France. 

Given that Salon de Provence is in the south and an olive producing area he thought it might be nice to pair with a school in a region of NZ that deals with olives too but if you are not in one of these areas and want to make the most of a stunning part of France then get in quick and contact Michel directly. 

École à Lifou cherche un partenariat pour un échange scolaire

Morgane RIGOURD a ouvert cette année une section euro-océanienne (ses élèves ont 2h d'anglais en plus) et elle aimerait organiser un échange scolaire l'an prochain avec une école néo-zélandaise. Morgane a une classe de 18 jeunes qui ont 12/13 ans. Ca pourrait être une très belle experience pour vous et vos élèves aussi que votre école.

Morgane souhaite commencer avec un échange virtuel et elle a comme but de venir en NZ plus tard dans l'année.

N'hésitez pas à contacter Morgane si vous voulez en savoir plus.

UAE students want penpals in NZ

Hilary Hunt recently left Marlborough and is now working in the UAE (right next to Dubai) where she is loving the challenge and enjoying the different lifestyle.
Hilary has a class of eight Year 12 students at Victoria International School of Sharjah who are learning French and would love to connect with a Year 12 NZ class so that all students can write to each other in French and share their experiences of learning a new language and culture as well as sharing their own.
If this is something you are interested in setting up for the 2017 school year then please feel free to contact Hilary.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Français Authentique

You and your students may be looking for some listening and viewing practice that is authentic. I enjoy listening to Yohan's podcasts as part of his bigger project Français Authentique. He is a French guy that started recording podcasts in French (years ago when I first started listening) from his car while he travelled from work to home. He loved the idea of helping those who wanted to learn French but had a level a little higher than a beginner but not fluent enough to understand TV shows and radio stations etc. Yohan has experienced such success that he has created a business out of this initial idea and as well as podcasts you can find youtube videos on his channel and much more for free as well as buying Français Authentique packs that contain work to do alongside his lessons. He's on facebook too.

I particularly enjoy the podcasts where Yohan breaks down a French expression which you could easily create some questions for your students or ask them to create something based on what they understand the expression to be about for comparison with classmates afterwards.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Un podcast de Language Fuel

Check out Joanna's latest podcast from the Language Fuel  (Resource Room) website. I got the privilege to talk about teaching French in NZ and am happy to be able to share that with you all.

Thanks to the wonderful teachers of French in NZ for being my inspiration and please let me know if you too are teaching French because of the positive influence of your high school French teacher.

Une nouvelle chanson

Check out this new song called 'Un homme debout' by Claudio Capéo - a fabulous video clip with potential for great activities about paying it forward.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dunedin is calling you...

Columba College is a fabulous school in wonderful Dunedin and they're looking for a French teacher! Now I know there are a lot of you who think Dunedin is nothing but cold but I can assure you that it is so much more than that. Yes, it can be chilly (it is in the south of the south) but there are plenty of gorgeous days and if you need proof jump on Instagram and check out #dunnerstunner

Saturday markets, affordable houses, accessible beaches, parks and walkways, mountain biking, supportive teachers of French and best of all...old school NZ where life is easy and relaxed. 

Don't waste time, get your application in now and make the move South. See the Education Gazette advertisement below. 

French Y9–13. We are seeking a teacher of French to join our flourishing languages department. You will enjoy working as part of a team, use e-learning strategies with confidence and show passion for the language and culture. This is currently a part-time position, but please state supporting subjects. 

Applications close 30 October with the Principal. Application packs are available from the school office, PB 1911, Dunedin; ph (03) 467 5188, fax (03) 464 0418; email admin@columbacollege.school.nz. For application details please see www.columbacollege.school.nz/vacancies

Vous voulez de la musique en classe ?

Pendant ses ateliers, Michel Boiron à partagé ce playlist sur Youtube 'Français, francophones, notre selection'. Commencez votre semaine en classe avec une nouvelle jolie chanson de ce playlist...juste pour le plaisir !

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No et Moi

Pendant les vacances Sarah Collett de Hillcrest High School à Hamtilon a lu le roman 'No et moi' de Delphine de Vigan. Voici la bande annonce du film que vous pourriez regarder vous même ou même l'utiliser en classe l'année prochaine avec vos élèves de première et terminale. 

Avez-vous reçu le newsletter d'ILEP ?

Voici le lien afin de voir ce qui est à la une à ILEP.

Vous ne vous êtes pas encore inscrit ? Faites-le maintenant et vous recevrez toutes les nouvelles une fois par semestre...quelle chance !

Stage de Nouvelle-Zélande

ILEP is currently running a pilot programme whereby teachers from New Caledonia are spending two weeks in NZ observing primary school environments in order to take ideas, inspiration and thoughts on pedagogy back to their classrooms.
Claire, Mathilde, Betsy, Marion et Yolande (la responsable du groupe)

The four teachers are staying with host families in Auckland (it would be great to spread this around NZ should the programme continue in 2017), completed a pedagogy day about the NZC and will enjoy a cultural outing together next week - all of this on top of observing and teaching in NZ schools each day that they are here.

This Stage is a reciprocal arrangement as every year a group of NZ teachers of French (of any level of teaching and language proficiency) have the opportunity to spend time in New Caledonia completing a course at the University, staying with host families, visiting schools and taking part in cultural outings. Watch this space for applications to open for the 2017 Stage de Nouméa.

NZQA Newsbite

This may interest you to know more and find further links regarding the digital pilot and trial exams for languages both in 2016 and moving forward into 2017.

You can find the the link on the NZAFT website as well.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Nous sommes la bienvenue à l'Alliance Française d'Auckland...et ailleurs bien sûr

Chers professeurs, 

Join us in Term 4 to immerse yourself in a special topic of study, all the while practicing and improving your French skills.  Maybe your creative side is looking for inspiration, or perhaps you're ready for a culinary adventure?  Are you up to date with current events?  Do you get a buzz from solving the puzzle of translating between French and English, or vice versa?  

Check out our great Special Topic Class options for Term 4 below, and don't miss out on your exclusive NZAFT discount...read on!

Art History, for levels B1 and above
Thursdays 27 Oct - 22 Dec, 6-8pm Grey Lynn

French Cuisine, for levels A2 and above
Thursdays 27 Oct - 22 Dec, 10am- 12pm Grey Lynn

Translation, for levels B1 and above
Tuesdays 25 Oct - 20 Dec, 6-8pm Grey Lynn

Current Affairs, for levels B2 and above
Thursdays 27 Oct - 27 Dec, 6-8pm Grey Lynn

Enrol online by following the links above and receive a 10% discount by entering the exclusive discount code T4-NZAFT!

A bientôt,

Alliance Française Auckland

Welcome back

I hope you all had a marvellous holiday and you're ready to attack Term 4...although after two days back I know that feeling of complete exhaustion and being ready for the next holiday.

All the best for exam preparation with your seniors and keeping the juniors focused on the task ahead for the next few weeks.

Looking forward to being in touch with you all this term. Please feel free to send me ideas for 2017 workshops and Café en ligne sessions - the workshops are for you so have your voice heard.

À bientôt mes chers collègues.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Connaissez-vous Language Fuel ?

Joanna Smith is the face and brains of Language Fuel ...some of you will remember ordering online from Mary and Helen at the Resource Room? Well now you'll be checking in with Joanna and you'll have the possibility to get even more than your wonderful pencils, stickers and texts. 

Joanna is a keen linguist with experience in education and business. She is very passionate about learning languages in New Zealand and is going to be an excellent person for us teachers of French to know. Joanna invites us all to check out the Language Fuel website  where you can find the link to subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you get the best deals as well as keeping up with Joanna on Twitter and email

If there are resources you're keen to get your hands on that you can't find on the site please talk to Joanna as she will be happy to find the right product for you. 

Watch this space for Joanna's upcoming podcasts and much more. 

Joanna from Language Fuel is ready to help with your resource requirements and much more.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Je vous présente Madame la Présidente de notre association de professeurs de français

Danielle Payne is the newly appointed President of the New Zealand Association of French Teachers. Danielle is also the Teacher in Charge of French at Westlake Girls’ High School on the North Shore of Auckland. Danielle is looking forward to leading the way with a fantastic network of NZ teachers of French and welcomes you to become a member of the NZAFT, details of which can be found here on the website You can find Danielle's email address here.

We're being watched...

It's very exciting to know that people from all over the world are connecting to us teachers of French in New Zealand. Céline from Collège Germaine Tillion in Marseille shared this website with us all, thinking that it might be useful to some of us as we tackle the end of the year and begin planning for 2017. I know some of you already use Le Point du FLE website so if you already know this one then it's your turn to share the next useful one that I can publish on our blog.

Céline also shared this link to a series of French speaking Canadian books which might inspire you when restocking your classroom library.

Céline and her daughter Anaelle at Huka Falls on their recent trip to NZ. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Détendez-vous pendant les vacances

Janet McCallister de Wellington Girls' College partage avec ses élèves le monde du célèbre artiste, Claude MONET. Les filles font du coloriage comme celui d'en dessous. 

À vous d'imprimer cette image et la colorier pendant les vacances

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Êtes-vous sur la carte ?

Since July I have had the opportunity to meet so many of you which has been so fabulous. While I adore technology and insist on using it in almost every aspect of my life I have decided to keep an old school graphic reminder in my office of our wonderful French teaching network in NZ. 

Check out the map so far and if you're not on there it's because 
a) we haven't met yet
b) my failing memory needs you to remind me that we have met and I must add you to the poster. 

So far there are almost 100 of us on the map! I'm hoping that by continuing to strengthen our networks together, make links between primary, intermediates and high schools and constantly  reemphasising the wonderful opportunities that come from learning French that we will be closer to the 200 mark this time next year. 

I still have regions to visit this year and am already planning workshops and visits for 2017 so get in now and get your school on the map. You can be a teacher in a primary, intermediate or high school in NZ, as well as that you can be teaching French full time or small snippets whenever you can. Ilep has free PLD opportunities for all levels of teachers - don't hesitate to find out more (who knows when this opportunity will end!).