Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Café en ligne

Ça vaut le coup d'aller à Northland

Un séjour formidable à Northland

Si vous ne connaissez pas la région de Northland je vous conseille d'y aller. Il n'y a pas seulement de randonnées magnifiques mais on y trouve des professeurs fantastiques. Aujourd'hui j'ai rencontré Arabelle de Whangarei Girls' High School, Pollyanna de Hukerenui School et demain je vais passer du temps à Pompallier Catholic College avec Theodora. 

We are so fortunate to have so many brilliant teaching professionals within our French networks. Literally from Cape Reinga to Bluff we can find hard working teachers of French instilling passion for language learning into our young people. 

Arabelle adores her job teaching French at Whangarei Girls' High School and after having spent time in her class today I can see why. The girls loved helping each other learn and clearly adore Arabelle - two even wanted to spend interval chatting with her!
Arabelle can vouch for my macarons...invite me to your school and I'll bring you one!

Pollyanna is inspiring her combined class of - wait for it - Year 6, 7 & 8 with French language and culture!! So if you need ideas and inspiration for how to make a roaring success of your multi level classes then give her a buzz. Pollyanna's students' eyes lit up as we talked about pain au chocolat, la tour eiffel and when they would be making crêpes. 
Des élèves de Pollyanna
Ils font des bêtises!

Check out the snaps of my time up here in Northland. There are plenty more teachers in plenty more schools in this region for me to visit but in the meantime if you'd like to know more about what Pollyanna, Arabelle or Theodora are up to please don't hesitate to be in touch and I'll put you in contact. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Languages Best Practice Workshop - Auckland

Coucou !

Voici de l'information concernant un atelier Best Practice qui aura lieu le mercredi 14 septembre à Auckland.

Registration process on Lil Regie:

1.This will take you to the online registration system (Lil Regie).

2. Complete the "What's this ticket for?" section. Select "Save and continue" at the bottom of the page. Or, if you would like to register more than 1 person for that particular workshop you can select "Save & add another person".

3. Review your booking details and select "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

4. Complete the "Who's paying" information, read through the Terms and Conditions and select "Confirm booking" at the bottom of the page.
5. You will receive an automatic e-mail confirming that you have been registered, if you do not receive this e-mail please contact to check whether you are registered.

6. Please wait for a confirmation email that the workshop is proceeding before making any necessary arrangements to attend, such as organising any travel, accommodation or leave.

Further information will be sent out in early September (venue information etc.) Please note there does need to be a minimum of 18 teachers registered for this workshop to proceed.

Any queries please contact Moana Davis at

Je vous présente Alison Kroon de Papatoetoe Intermediate

It was my absolute pleasure to spend time this weekend with Alison who is a dedicated and creative French and Food Technology teacher at Papatoetoe Intermediate in Auckland. Alison is incredibly passionate about the French language and culture and spends time every Friday working with a group of around 20 intermediate students who are gathering as much passion for learning French as Alison has. As well as this Alison incorporates French language and culture into her regular Food technology lessons.

Alison received a Language Immersion Award 7 years ago and spent a year in France in a town called Poitiers. She made life long friends in France and has been back to see them several times as well as welcoming her friends to NZ when they came on holiday.

Once a term Alison takes her group of French learners to Le garde-manger, a French crêperie and café where her students order crêpes in French and enjoy a cultural experience.

A memory that has remained with Alison was a young man who hadn't particularly engaged with French language learning coming up to her not long after the terror attacks in Paris. He waltzed up to Alison and said 'Miss, I heard about Paris. Are you OK?' - going to show the enormous positive impact that we can have on our students...even the ones we think might not be engaging.

As a languages teaching community we admire Alison for the effort she puts in with her young students to foster a love for learning languages...especially the language we are all so mad about! Alison has stayed relevant in language teaching by completing the TPDL programme, being part of the NZAFT listserv as well as Le Zinc des Profs de Français on Facebook.

I'm looking forward to visiting Alison and her students at Papatoetoe Intermediate in early November. I would love to be in contact with many more Primary and Intermediate teachers to find out how we can work together and how I can support you in your mission to inspire young people through teaching of the French language and culture. Email me anytime

Bonne continuation Alison !

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Queen's High School à Dunedin (une super jolie ville) cherche un professeur de français

Est-ce que vous pensez à changer de ville ? Peut-être vous êtes déjà à Dunedin et vous voudriez changer d'école? Voici l'annonce pour un poste en tant que prof de français à Queen's High School

05 Sep 2016 
Teacher of French, all levels part-time. Knowledge of NCEA essential and experience of senior French to Level 3. Please state other subjects as all options will be considered, and also areas of co-curricular contribution. This could become a full-time position. Position to commence term 1, 2017.
Applications close Wednesday 12 October. Application packs available on our website: or email

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Je suis allée voir les professeurs de français en Hawke's Bay !

Le mardi 23 août mon avion a atterri à Napier. J'ai passé 3 jours dans cette jolie région où j'ai eu le temps de rencontrer plusieurs professeurs de français dans des écoles primaires aussi que secondaires. Il y a tellement de profs motivés et passionnés dans ce coin de NZ...ça vaut le coup d'y aller les voir si vous avez un moment.   
Rosaria de Napier Girls' High School vous conseille ses livres pour vos élèves

La vue d'une salle de classe à Napier Girls' High School

La vie est belle en Hawke's Bay

Merci Napier pour ce beau temps

Que vous soyez aussi content que le penguin de sortir du boulot cet apreM

Un atelier avec les allemands

Heike, the National German Adviser at ILEP has invited those of us who are in Wellington on Thursday the 8th of September to attend a workshop as detailed here

This could be a great opportunity to gain some more ideas to incorporate into your daily teaching. Although the flyer says it's for German teachers, any of us are welcome to attend and the workshop will be delivered in English. 

DELF/DALF ?? Allez ce weekend à l'Alliance Française d'Auckland à Grey Lynn.

Ce samedi 27 août, l'AF organise une petit séance d'information sur le DELF / DALF à l'AF Auckland à Grey Lynn. Ils  s'adressent à tout candidat potentiel à l'examen. Trois de leurs enseignantes seront présentes samedi matin afin de renseigner les intéressés.

Voici l'information qu'ils ont sur leur site. 

Profitez-en !

Nous avons des nouvelles de Pascale Seignolles à l'Ambassade de France

Chers collègues et enseignants,

Si vous ou vos étudiants souhaitez rester connectés et suivre les actualités de l’Ambassade de France tout au long de l’année, vous pouvez indiquer à vos contacts de s’abonner à la newsletter en s’inscrivant  à cette adresse, ou bien en  diffusant dans vos espaces physiques ou numériques.

Voici un flyer à distribuer. 
Très cordialement,


Sunday, August 21, 2016

National French Adviser (moi) visits around NZ

Voici mon agenda pour vous rendre visite jusqu'à la fin de l'année. Réservez vite un rendez-vous dans votre établissement; on pourrait discuter les opportunités de PLD en buvant un café, je pourrais assister à un cours de français avec vos chers élèves et j'aimerais tellement rencontrer votre management:-)

Si vous n'êtes pas disponible ou votre région n'est pas sur la liste envoyez-moi un email pour demander un rendez-vous !

23-25 August – Hawke’s Bay
30 Aug – 1 Sep – Northland
6-9 September – Rotorua, Whakatane and Tauranga area
20-22 September - Christchurch (visits and workshop with Michel Boiron)
22-23 September - Wellington (visits and workshop with Michel Boiron)
19-20 October – Palmerston North
28 & 31 October – Southland
1 – 2 November – Dunedin/Otago
9-10 November – Gisbourne area
16-17 November – Taranaki
23-24 November – Hamilton area

Organising international trips - NZ buddies

I know that organising a trip from NZ to a French speaking country for our students is something that a lot of schools already do and a lot of schools would love to do. 

If you are keen to organise a trip for your students but feel that you won't have the numbers to make it work, haven't done a trip before and want more experience or any other reason that might be holding you back please feel free to complete this form to see if there is anyone else teaching French in your region or somewhere else in NZ that might be keen to work together with you to take a trip away. 

This could mean that between two or more schools you have the numbers to go, you only need one teacher from each school so no accompanying person who costs you money and relief days, you meet someone else who is teaching French in NZ and you get some PLD time in a french speaking country. 

PLD and networking opportunity

FATFA (Fédération des Associations de Professeurs de Français en Australie) is working with SAFTA (South Australian French Teachers' Assocoation) to run their biennial FATFA conference in Adelaide this year. The conference will run from Thursday the 29th of September until Sunday the 2nd of October and I encourage you to click here to check out the possibility of attending. 

If you can't attend the conference but would like to remain abrest of what is happening for French teachers in Australia then you can like the FATFA facebook page here

Phrases de la semaine

Cette semaine je vous partage deux de mes phrases préférées...

Pour les seniors: sauter de coq à l'âne

Pour les juniors: ça te va ?  Oui, ça me va

La France aux JO

Comme la Nouvelle-Zélande, la France bat son record aux JO 2016. Un article du journal Le Parisien

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Je vous souhaite un très bon weekend !

Le burkini - pour ou contre - une discussion pour la salle de classe.

Sue Kano de St Mary's College à Wellington partage cet article qui parle de l'interdiction du burkini en France. Une discussion de ce sujet en classe pourrait être intérressant avec vos élèves.

Stromae est formidable !

Stromae est un chanteur belge, connu pour ces chansons Formidable et Papaoutai parmi d'autres. Il est en train de changer un peu sa carrière...comment ? Il faut que vous lisiez cet article pour en savoir plus !

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

L'alliance française d'Auckland

L' alliance française d'Auckland a un nouveau site-web. Prenez le temps d'aller voir ce qu'ils font comme cours parmi autres choses. Vous pouvez leur donner du feedback aussi

St Mary's College Ponsonby - School visit

Priscilla Pollard, HOD Languages at St Mary's College

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with Priscilla and her languages team at St Mary's yesterday. The school has magnificent views over the Auckland harbour as well as having friendly staff and students - it would seem I'm still as tall as ever as one Year 7 girl looked me up and down and exclaimed 'wow, you're so tall!'. :-) 

Here is Julie holding a book that her and Priscilla recommend for fantastic games in the classroom. The students are engaged, learning quickly and retaining information faster than they would through other methods. Although the title includes 'primary' Julie and Priscilla recommend it for any level. The ISBN is 978-184590-994-9

Frances who also teaches French at St Mary's has taken the time to create this stunning wall for les jeux olympiques, something she is very passionate about. 

Priscilla has organised an inter school quiz to take place on August 31st at St Mary's in Auckland from 4.30-6.30pm. Check out this link for more details and the entry form...great prizes to be won along with school pride!

Un article de l'environnement avec une vidéo de trois minutes...génial pour les années 12 et 13.

Jetez un coup d'oeil sur cet article du journal Le Monde

                                   Les pesticides tueurs d’abeilles triplent la mortalité des insectes

Monday, August 15, 2016

Nos profs en nouvelle-zélande sont formidables !

Nous avons tellement de professeurs doués en NZ donc je vous en présente une...

Hilary is the HOD of Languages at Waimea College in Nelson. Waimea College is a co-ed school of over 1,500 students from Year 9-13. Hilary has a strong languages department and is enjoying the growth of student numbers in the French classroom & also in Japanese.  Hilary enjoys the dynamic environment of the languages classroom, encouraging students to really use the language they are learning & find ways of making it work for them. She loves to share resources and always makes time to give helpful advice and guidance to her French teaching colleagues around New Zealand. You will recognise Hilary by her passion for everything French and life in general as well as her supportive and encouraging nature. 

Hilary leads Waimea College in their Shared Histories project with Lycée Val de Seine, Rouen and is working closely with one of her students Abigail Marshall who is a Young Ambassador for 2016 and about to represent us in France. 

Should you find yourself in Nelson or want to contact Hilary for more information about how she has been so successful in growing French at Waimea don't hesitate to send her an email at

Grâce à Sue Kano de St Mary's College à Wellington nous pouvons lire cet article de Omar Sy pendant nos temps morts (est-ce que cela existe pour les profs ?)

Omar Sy est devenu la personalité préférée des français ! Il est acteur ET il sait danser...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Phrases de la semaine

Voici deux phrases à utiliser avec vos élèves. Vous pourriez les utiliser comme défi cette semaine 'International Languages week' - combien de temps est-ce que chaque élève emploie une des phrases ?

Pour les juniors: je me suis amusé(e)

Pour les seniors: Avoir du pain sur la planche

Emma Kane - former student of French in a kiwi high school is still flying the French flag!

Emma a pris le temps de nous décrire ses aventures en apprenant la langue et la culture française. À lire et partager.

Why I chose French at school

I began learning French in my third year of high school. I thought learning a language would be an asset to have in terms of employment and it was also a chance to try something new. Little did I know it was going to play a huge role in my future.

Despite growing up in a small rural town in Southland, there has been no shortage of opportunities. I have been lucky enough to take two trips abroad with my French. In 2013, to Tahiti for 10 days as part of a trip organised through my high school. This definitely motivated me to take my French further. In 2014 I was selected to take part in the Shared Histories Programme and was given the opportunity to travel to France for two weeks as part of the Young Ambassadors Tour. We spent a lot of this time visiting World War One related monuments and attending commemorative events, which was a real eye opening experience.

For the past four years, I have also been exchanging emails with my pen pal Salomé who lives in Marseille. This has been an awesome way for both of us to improve our language skills, as we both communicate using a mixture of French and English.

I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Otago, majoring in French and Economics. This August I am heading abroad to study at Université Jean Moulin III in Lyon as part of Otago’s Global Student Exchange Programme. Although I will be studying out of New Zealand, this will credit back to my Otago degree, with the additional bonus of being able to spend a year submersed in the French culture and language.

I’m unsure what the future holds career-wise. I’d love to work for the French/New Zealand Embassy or something similar, but at this stage I’m just going to follow the path I’m on and see where the future takes me.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

International Languages week August 15-21

Next week is International Languages week. What better way to take some time to promote language learning in NZ than coming up with some ways (big or small) to remind our entire school communities that learning languages opens so many doors. 

Here's a link to TKI where you can find some justifications for learning languages, links to the New Zealand Curriculum and language learning as well as how you and your school could get on board with such a fantastic initiative. 

Don't hesitate to share your ideas and what you're doing on the discussion forum or email them directly to me and I'll happily post pictures, ideas, questions on the blog. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thomas Swinburn de Dilworth School à Auckland

Thomas as eu l'opportunité de donner un discours aux Youth MPs au parlement. Thomas est lui-même un Youth MP aussi qu'un jeune ambassadeur. Il va bientôt partir en France nous représenter. Nous te souhaitons un très beau voyage Thomas, nous sommes tous très fiers de toi.  

Voici le discours à partager avec vos élèves et vos communautés:  

Thank-you Mr Speaker for giving me this opportunity to speak about a subject which is close to my heart.

My Auckland School Dilworth has but four students studying a foreign language in Year 13. Admittedly, we are a small school and Maori and French are the only options, but having talked to students across Auckland in public and private schools alike, I know our situation is not unique. Having personally gained a great deal from the study of languages, I can attest to the individual benefits, and I know just how crucial they are for our country. Despite this, the number of students opting to study languages is dwindling across the country. This is a problem we must address as a nation.

Our world is more connected than ever before. New Zealand is no longer that insular country in the middle of nowhere but rather a bustling hub sought after by immigrants and tourists of diverse backgrounds. Trade is no longer centred around our anglophone partners but rather a range of countries throughout Asia and the world. For New Zealand to thrive in this exciting time, we need to learn languages. Languages build friendship and they build understanding. It shows a willingness to engage and an interest in and respect for other cultures. These skills and values are crucial in building tolerance for the hundreds of cultures that call this country home while ensuring New Zealand is competitive and impactful on the world stage. Yet, despite these undeniable benefits for the individual and our country, in 2015 only 1 in 10 students opted to study a language at secondary school. Something needs to be done. 

I would like to see the government take an active role in the promotion of language learning in secondary schools, although the real change must be made by us young people. We need to change our perception of the value of language learning. Languages shouldn’t be seen as that subject that’s just too hard or not useful in the real world. Like anything, with a bit of work and determination, anyone can succeed.

I learnt French at school, and I will be the first to admit that French doesn’t look like it’s going to be the lingua franca anytime soon, although that is not to say that it was not worthwhile, quite the opposite! Nonetheless, given the current world climate, I would have jumped at the chance to learn Mandarin or Spanish, but this simply wasn’t possible in my case. We need to increase the accessibility of languages in our schools. And the ultimate goal doesn’t necessarily have to be to produce perfectly bilingual speakers, far from it. What we do need to strive for is a generation of young kiwis who can converse in another language for business or pleasure, and who make the effort to show that we are not reliant on English alone. 

To thrive as a country, we must realise that we are not only citizens of New Zealand but citizens of the world. In my opinion, this begins with developing and fostering a culture of language learning among young people. Yes, language learning is a commitment, yes it is a challenge, but ultimately it is an incredibly rewarding experience that we need to promote both for our own benefits as individuals but also for the benefits that it brings to our communities and our country.

Finally, I would like to thank my MP Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, his support staff Darrell, Pua and Gail, my electorate of Maungakiekie and all the people who made this incredible journey possible. 

Merci beaucoup. 

Pour planifier un échange ou un voyage en France

Pascale Seignolles, attaché de coopération pour le français à l'ambassade de France m'as donné un lien qui pourrait vous aider à planifier un voyage en France. Si vous y allez seul ou vous organisez un échange avec vos élèves, prenez le temps de cliquer ici pour en savoir plus. Si jamais vous adorez le papier, envoyez-moi un email et je vous enverrai une brochure. 

A lovely anecdote from Sheryl Everitt, French teacher at Whakatane High School

After coming out of surgery last week in the recovery room, I came to speaking lovely fluent French, to the surprise of the theatre staff .I had neglected to put my French ethnicity as usually it is not that to the fore in everyday activities, mais évidemment non! Super! La valeur de la Stage de Noumea, j'en suis sûre!

Monday, August 8, 2016

La tortue rouge

The trailer followed by a short clip from the film La tortue rouge which could easily be used for a creative project with any level of class. There is no dialogue at all, simply the beautiful sounds of nature. 

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy dans votre salle de classe ?

Priscilla Lynch at St Mary's College has shared this blog with a creative idea for using any old mannequins from the Textiles room. Once you've read that, click on the title Chez Renée to go to the author's home page and find plenty of other great ideas for your classroom. 

Qu'est-ce que c'est ce blog ?

The intention of this blog is to regularly and quickly inform you fabulous teachers of French in New Zealand of what's new in the world of teaching French. Expect teacher and student news, gossip from France, useful bits of technology information and any other areas that you request. So if you are doing something fun/inspiring/old-school ...whatever! Simply email it to me or share it HERE and it will appear in an upcoming blog update.  

To get us started, here's a snapshot of us on the French Immersion day before the NZALT conference in Nelson. Morgane Ouin is one of the fantastic French Language Assistants and she kindly shared her experiences with us.