Monday, August 29, 2016

Je vous présente Alison Kroon de Papatoetoe Intermediate

It was my absolute pleasure to spend time this weekend with Alison who is a dedicated and creative French and Food Technology teacher at Papatoetoe Intermediate in Auckland. Alison is incredibly passionate about the French language and culture and spends time every Friday working with a group of around 20 intermediate students who are gathering as much passion for learning French as Alison has. As well as this Alison incorporates French language and culture into her regular Food technology lessons.

Alison received a Language Immersion Award 7 years ago and spent a year in France in a town called Poitiers. She made life long friends in France and has been back to see them several times as well as welcoming her friends to NZ when they came on holiday.

Once a term Alison takes her group of French learners to Le garde-manger, a French crêperie and café where her students order crêpes in French and enjoy a cultural experience.

A memory that has remained with Alison was a young man who hadn't particularly engaged with French language learning coming up to her not long after the terror attacks in Paris. He waltzed up to Alison and said 'Miss, I heard about Paris. Are you OK?' - going to show the enormous positive impact that we can have on our students...even the ones we think might not be engaging.

As a languages teaching community we admire Alison for the effort she puts in with her young students to foster a love for learning languages...especially the language we are all so mad about! Alison has stayed relevant in language teaching by completing the TPDL programme, being part of the NZAFT listserv as well as Le Zinc des Profs de Français on Facebook.

I'm looking forward to visiting Alison and her students at Papatoetoe Intermediate in early November. I would love to be in contact with many more Primary and Intermediate teachers to find out how we can work together and how I can support you in your mission to inspire young people through teaching of the French language and culture. Email me anytime

Bonne continuation Alison !

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