Sunday, August 21, 2016

Organising international trips - NZ buddies

I know that organising a trip from NZ to a French speaking country for our students is something that a lot of schools already do and a lot of schools would love to do. 

If you are keen to organise a trip for your students but feel that you won't have the numbers to make it work, haven't done a trip before and want more experience or any other reason that might be holding you back please feel free to complete this form to see if there is anyone else teaching French in your region or somewhere else in NZ that might be keen to work together with you to take a trip away. 

This could mean that between two or more schools you have the numbers to go, you only need one teacher from each school so no accompanying person who costs you money and relief days, you meet someone else who is teaching French in NZ and you get some PLD time in a french speaking country. 

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