Thursday, September 29, 2016

Détendez-vous pendant les vacances

Janet McCallister de Wellington Girls' College partage avec ses élèves le monde du célèbre artiste, Claude MONET. Les filles font du coloriage comme celui d'en dessous. 

À vous d'imprimer cette image et la colorier pendant les vacances

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Êtes-vous sur la carte ?

Since July I have had the opportunity to meet so many of you which has been so fabulous. While I adore technology and insist on using it in almost every aspect of my life I have decided to keep an old school graphic reminder in my office of our wonderful French teaching network in NZ. 

Check out the map so far and if you're not on there it's because 
a) we haven't met yet
b) my failing memory needs you to remind me that we have met and I must add you to the poster. 

So far there are almost 100 of us on the map! I'm hoping that by continuing to strengthen our networks together, make links between primary, intermediates and high schools and constantly  reemphasising the wonderful opportunities that come from learning French that we will be closer to the 200 mark this time next year. 

I still have regions to visit this year and am already planning workshops and visits for 2017 so get in now and get your school on the map. You can be a teacher in a primary, intermediate or high school in NZ, as well as that you can be teaching French full time or small snippets whenever you can. Ilep has free PLD opportunities for all levels of teachers - don't hesitate to find out more (who knows when this opportunity will end!). 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Des chansons françaises et francophones - les ateliers de Michel Boiron

La semaine dernière on a profité des derniers jours du semestre...on a assisté aux ateliers de Michel Boiron, le directeur du Cavilam à Vichy en France.

Des profs d'Auckland, de Wellington et de Christchurch ont passé trois heures avec Michel en apprenant à mieux utiliser des chansons en cours.

En haut à gauche : Rebecca, Annabelle et Janet - les profs de français à Wellington Girls' College
En haut à droite : le département de langues (3 hommes !!) à Newlands College à Wellington
En bas à gauche : l'atelier de Michel à Christchurch
En bas a droite : Suzy Lallement et trois de ses garçons formidables 

Michel nous a présenté des idées superbes comme des hitparades, comment faire une activité avant d'écouter une chanson et beaucoup plus.

Je sais que les villes choisies sont loin de plusieurs parmi vous mes chers lecteurs mais ne vous inquiétez pas, vous trouverez en-dessous des liens aux documents des trois ateliers. Vous pouvez aussi m'écrire pour en savoir plus si jamais vous avez des questions.

Les Trois ateliers - un document google.

Chansons en classe - un document que Michel nous a donné 

powerpoint - le powerpoint qu'a utilisé Michel (sachez qu'il a un peu changé des choses tous les jours mais en gros vous aurez l'information importante. 

workshop evaluation - pour ceux qui sont venus...veuillez prendre 3 minutes afin de donner du feedback. 

En haut à gauche : des élèves de Hayley Simpson à Prebbleton School à Christchurch
En haut au milieu : le panneau de Sean, un des 10 jeunes ambassadeurs
En haut à droite : Millie, une jeune fille de Prebbleton School qui est passionnée de la langue française
En bas à gauche : l'atelier de Michel Boiron à Auckland
En bas à droite : la classe de Hayley Simpson à Prebbleton School. Ils sont tout simplement charmant !

While enjoying the fabulous workshops presented by Michel I also had the opportunity to visit several teachers in Wellington and Christchurch which you can see evidence of in the photos above. 

It is an absolute pleasure to meet and visit so many teachers of French around New Zealand. We have a wonderful network full of such passionate and talented people and the more I can do to support you all the better. Please don't hesitate to send your thoughts on what you would like in workshops for 2017, your school address so I can add it to my list of schools to visit and any other ideas you have to keep French language and culture growing in NZ. Vive la France :-) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bonnes vacances

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front this week as I have had the pleasure of welcoming Michel Boiron from Cavilam to New Zealand to present a series of workshops about how we can successfully use songs in our classroom. Photos, documents, PDF's and more to come next week when I'm back in the office. I know that not everyone had the opportunity to see Michel present so please know that next week on the blog you will have access to a google document with live links to key points from his presentations as well as the powerpoint that was used.

In the meantime I'd like to take this time to thank you all for the immense work you have put in this term. 9 weeks is a short time to pack a huge amount in both in and out of the classroom and the coming two weeks will be a perfect reward for all of your hard work.

Thankyou to those of you who have opened your classrooms and schools for me to visit this term. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting so many wonderful teachers and I can't wait to see even more of you in Term 4...don't hesitate to email and book a time, even if your town isn't scheduled we can surely arrange something.

Que vous partiez à l'étranger ou vous restiez chez vous, profitez-bien des vacances, vous les méritez !

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Google classroom, qu'est-ce que c'est ?

Si vous vous trouvez dans une école 'google' et tous vos collègues parlent sans cesse de ce fameux Google Classroom mais vous n'avez jamais entendu parler de ce 'tech tool', voici une vidéo avec laquelle vous pourrez commencer votre propre Google 'Salle de classe'.

Youpi...c'est vendredi !

Bon weekend

Monday, September 12, 2016

Auckland interschool quiz a roaring success!

            31 August
75 students
10 teachers
85 fruit bursts
40 pizzas
13 rounds
1 trophy

Shared with us by Priscilla at St Mary's College, Ponsonby. 
It was lovely to see so many dignified and happy senior students congregate together for an evening of French trivia at St. Mary's College.  The topics covered ranged from history to music, from art to maths and allowed all students to showcase their varying talents.

After a short break for pizza and iceblocks the race was on to the end.  A nail-biting tie breaker saw Team "Jojag" from St. Mary's College lose to "Les Têtus" from King's College.

This event would not have occurred without the support of NZAFT via the Mark Williams award, Morgan our lovely National adviser and the teachers who were willing to give up their time to accompany their students. Note from the National Adviser...un énorme merci à Priscilla d'avoir tout organisé pour cette magnifique soirée !

In a time where we are all fighting to keep our students, events like these may provide some encouragement for students to keep on learning a language.  My students said they genuinely enjoyed it and the Year 12's are already choosing their team name for next year.

So don't get too attached to that trophy Simon!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

1jour1actu - un site-web génial !

Si vous n'êtes pas encore tombé sur ce site-web je vous conseille d'y passer qqs minutes chaque jour. Vous y trouverez des actus à la une et des infos animées faits exprès pour les enfants donc le niveau est parfait pour nos élèves (notamment les seniors).

Voici un exemple d'une info animée que vous pourriez facilement didactiser afin de faire des activités à l'écoute ressemblent aux examens.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Des phrases de la semaine

Voici une affiche qui pourrait vous aider avec vos élèves cette est possible que les élèves aient un poil dans la main et ils ont besoin de la motivation. Si c'est le cas vous devriez mettre les pieds dans le plat pour qu'ils se souviennent que les examens approchent.

Donnez l'affiche aux élèves et à chaque fois qu'ils utilisent une expression ils obtiennent un point...à la fin de la semaine l'élève avec le plus de points gagne un bonbon/5 minutes sur Education Perfect/5 minutes de lecture...bref, un petit prix.

Bay of Plenty inspires

What a fabulous week meeting the wonderful teaching community in the Bay of Plenty and even into South Waikato. The week started well in Rotorua at John Paul College where Hilary and Taryn are promoting French in all kinds of fabulous ways - DELF, Shared Histories, exchanges, international students and so much more.

Some of Hilary's Year 7's who have been Frenching it up for 6 weeks at 2.5 hours per week. 
Danielle Cooper, John Paul College's Young Ambassador who took off to France yesterday. 

A day trip to Whakatane High School was an absolute treat as Sheryl worked with her Year 10's and had them immersed in 100% French for the entire lesson !Youpi ! The students got the chance to incorporate the Olympics into their lesson and you can see that they enjoyed it from the evidence below.
Whakatane looking fabuleux
A brilliant collection of authentic French goodies in Sheryl's class

Sheryl's Year 10's working on their sporting techniques

Tauranga called next where I found Kheya at Papamoa College and Andrea at Bethlehem College who are doing wonderful work with their students too. Kheya incorporates music into her lessons and so students were recognising and recalling phrases based on tunes played on the keyboard...une très bonne idée. As for well as running a busy department she also coordinates a fantastic community French chat group which meets in Tauranga once a fortnight - all levels, any interests and backgrounds. I got to spend the evening with the group who were so welcoming and keen to soak up as much French language and culture as possible.

A very positive message I stumbled across in the bathroom at Papamoa idea to start at your school perhaps? 

That afternoon we had an afternoon tea in Tauranga for those teachers who could make it along. It was great to meet Michelle who joined  us from Rotorua at Chapman College as well as Emma who has started this year at Aquinas College. Agnès and Margot are inspiring the young women at Tauranga Girls' College and Shirley Bain was able to join us too which made for a dynamic, passionate group of teachers of French. 

The trip home saw a detour via Taupo to Sue at Hilltop School. Sue teaches French to Year 7 & 8 students and is doing a brilliant job inspiring young minds to recognise the importance of understanding other people and cultures.

Quelle semaine ! Je me suis trouvée entourée de magnifiques profs de français - elles sont toutes enthousiastes, dynamiques et passionnées. J'ai très hâte de retourner dans cette région ... peut-être un atelier à Bay of Plenty l'année prochaine ? Watch this space. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Florence Foresti nous fait rigoler

Que vous connaissiez déjà Florence Foresti ou pas, voici une vidéo rigolotte

Je vous souhaite tous une excellente semaine...restez calmes comme les mamans

Professeur pour une journée

Thomas Swinburn un des 10 jeunes ambassadeurs
Des années 10 à Dilworth School 

M. Swinburn fait le tour de la salle de classe

Thomas Swinburn année 13 à Dilworth School, explique son role en tant que jeune ambassadeur aux années 10. Les garçons écrivent de messages sur des coquelicots

L'Algérie des années 1830-1962

Connaissez-vous l'histoire de l'Algérie en Afrique ? Voici un article qui nous explique son histoire méconnue.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Des affiches pour promouvoir le français

Elaijah Tuivaiti de Dilworth School à Epsom a crée ces deux affiches formidables afin d'encourager l'apprentissage de la langue française. Il nous donne le droit de les utiliser/partager etc. Merci Elaijah, quel bon travail et merci aussi à Julia Brown son professeur de français.