Monday, September 12, 2016

Auckland interschool quiz a roaring success!

            31 August
75 students
10 teachers
85 fruit bursts
40 pizzas
13 rounds
1 trophy

Shared with us by Priscilla at St Mary's College, Ponsonby. 
It was lovely to see so many dignified and happy senior students congregate together for an evening of French trivia at St. Mary's College.  The topics covered ranged from history to music, from art to maths and allowed all students to showcase their varying talents.

After a short break for pizza and iceblocks the race was on to the end.  A nail-biting tie breaker saw Team "Jojag" from St. Mary's College lose to "Les Têtus" from King's College.

This event would not have occurred without the support of NZAFT via the Mark Williams award, Morgan our lovely National adviser and the teachers who were willing to give up their time to accompany their students. Note from the National Adviser...un énorme merci à Priscilla d'avoir tout organisé pour cette magnifique soirée !

In a time where we are all fighting to keep our students, events like these may provide some encouragement for students to keep on learning a language.  My students said they genuinely enjoyed it and the Year 12's are already choosing their team name for next year.

So don't get too attached to that trophy Simon!

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