Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Êtes-vous sur la carte ?

Since July I have had the opportunity to meet so many of you which has been so fabulous. While I adore technology and insist on using it in almost every aspect of my life I have decided to keep an old school graphic reminder in my office of our wonderful French teaching network in NZ. 

Check out the map so far and if you're not on there it's because 
a) we haven't met yet
b) my failing memory needs you to remind me that we have met and I must add you to the poster. 

So far there are almost 100 of us on the map! I'm hoping that by continuing to strengthen our networks together, make links between primary, intermediates and high schools and constantly  reemphasising the wonderful opportunities that come from learning French that we will be closer to the 200 mark this time next year. 

I still have regions to visit this year and am already planning workshops and visits for 2017 so get in now and get your school on the map. You can be a teacher in a primary, intermediate or high school in NZ, as well as that you can be teaching French full time or small snippets whenever you can. Ilep has free PLD opportunities for all levels of teachers - don't hesitate to find out more (who knows when this opportunity will end!). 

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