Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Français Authentique

You and your students may be looking for some listening and viewing practice that is authentic. I enjoy listening to Yohan's podcasts as part of his bigger project Français Authentique. He is a French guy that started recording podcasts in French (years ago when I first started listening) from his car while he travelled from work to home. He loved the idea of helping those who wanted to learn French but had a level a little higher than a beginner but not fluent enough to understand TV shows and radio stations etc. Yohan has experienced such success that he has created a business out of this initial idea and as well as podcasts you can find youtube videos on his channel and much more for free as well as buying Français Authentique packs that contain work to do alongside his lessons. He's on facebook too.

I particularly enjoy the podcasts where Yohan breaks down a French expression which you could easily create some questions for your students or ask them to create something based on what they understand the expression to be about for comparison with classmates afterwards.

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