Monday, November 7, 2016

Give blood, save lives and parlez français !

Yesterday I gave blood and happened across two lovely nurses Junvi and Jacqui, who ensured the process went smoothly for me. Chatting through the donation period I mentioned that I have one of the best jobs in NZ so when these two discovered I was the French Adviser out come a streak of beautiful French sentences asking me how I was, presenting themselves and telling me about their language learning journeys.

Junvi et Jacqui de NZ Blood

It was a pleasure to meet two lovely people who took the risk to speak French and know that this has connected them to new people and cultures as well as personal growth.

Share this with your students to let them know that nursing is a career where understanding another language and therefore culture will help you excel in your career.

Thanks so much to Junvi and Jacqui as well as NZ Blood for an easy and enjoyable blood donation as well as being so open to a photo to promote language learning in NZ.

Bonne continuation !

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