Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Make the most of curriculum support in 2017

Being that Learning Languages is one of the eight learning areas (not the eighth!) we are fortunate to have many opportunities for support and growth available in 2017. I encourage you to take up one of the following opportunities offered through ILEP. Please contact me if you want to more or can’t quite figure out how to sign up.
We never know how long these brilliant opportunities will be available to us Languages Teachers so jump on board before it’s too late!
Introduction programme- aimed at teachers who are new to teaching languages. One year, inquiry based programme that fits perfectly with your school appraisal system.
Consolidation programme- for teachers with experience in teaching languages. An inquiry programme that you shape based on your needs. You will receive ongoing support during the year and this programme fits perfectly with your school appraisal system.
Stage de Nouméa – applications are not yet open for the Stage but I would love to hear from you if you are interested in receiving an application as soon as they are available. The Stage will run for 3 weeks in 2017 and will start after Easter in the first week of the Term One holidays with a return to NZ at the end of the first week back in Term Two i.e 5 days away from school. Teachers are expected to make a contribution to this 3 week immersion experience – the 2016 travelers paid $500 and I expect the costs to be similar for 2017.
While you’re in Nouméa you will stay with a host family, attend language courses at the university, spend time in a school observing and making connections (possible exchanges if you want), cultural outings and loads more. This is a stunning opportunity for you to make the most of.
TPDL – a brilliant programme that will demand a lot of your time but will be so worth it after the year of study, language learning and in school support.
All of the above are great ways of creating networks and links with other languages teachers in NZ, sharing ideas and supporting each other. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing a pool of us Frenchies signed up for 2017.

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