Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Caledonian teacher looking to join Kiwi Physics and Chemistry classes in 2017

A teacher of Physics and Chemistry from New Caledonia is currently undergoing studies in order to deliver her subjects in English. As part of her preparation she would like to spend her time in NZ during the New Caledonian April school holidays (April 1-17) in a Kiwi school observing classes of Physics and Chemistry. There is no financial commitment required from anyone, simply a willingness to invite this teacher into your school into the class of your Science teaching colleagues where she can get the maximum benefit leading into her new endeavour.

If you work with some inspiring teachers of Chemistry and Physics who you think would be interested please don’t hesitate to forward this email and my contact details so we could discuss this option further.
There has been no specification about regions of NZ so schools from Cape Reinga to Bluff are welcome to jump onboard and invite this teacher in.

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