Thursday, January 5, 2017

Curriculum support from the very beginning of 2017

J'espère que vous passez de très belles vacances et qu'il y a énormément de soleil où que vous soyez ! Moi, je suis de retour au boulot et cela me rend heureuse. 

Check out the flyer for an upcoming workshop in February run by our very talented Manu Menard. 

Manu is heading back to France later this year and so February 2017 is your final chance to gather as much of his expertise and knowledge before he leaves our education system and country. I encourage those of you outside of the workshop centres to make the trip to the nearest centre as this will be a fantastic workshop with loads of ready to use resources to take away. 

You will need to sign up quickly for this workshop as they start mid February so it may pay to get your PLD application form into management before the students arrive. ​

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