Sunday, January 22, 2017

Le début de l'année scolaire

Ça y est! Bientôt la rentrée...

Voici quatre idées pour briser la glace:

  • a visual French mihi - mine here :-) (developed from Debbie Watt's resources) Pour les élèves aussi. A partager!
  • an idea for a digital and globally connected classroom... Google Tourbuilder - to map the French learning journey of your students, assistants or you :-)
  • How can you incorporate Blooms Taxonomy and task-based learning into your first few weeks? Check out Claire-Lise's fabulous planning here for some inspiration. Feel free to email us if you would like some support with this - it took 2 days to plan this. Un très beau travail collectif! 
  • Et bien sûr! Tis the season to celebrate la fête des rois - Voici une recette pour les galettes. N'oubliez pas les fèves!

Feel free to add a comment en bas if you have other creative suggestions for activités qui brisent la glace...

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