Monday, January 9, 2017

One French Adviser out and a super fabulous one in.

What an absolute blast the last 7 months have been. I have met so many wonderful, inspiring and hard working teachers of French in NZ and feel privileged to have started some exciting projects, shared (globally) many of the fantastic initiatives and work that you are all doing in your classes and supported the teaching and learning of French in NZ schools.

I am mixed with excitement and sadness as I let you know that from the first of February I will no longer be the National French Adviser. I am an incredibly ambitious person and so when I was offered the secondment position of co-manager of ILEP (the French Adviser works for ILEP so I'm not entirely moving away) starting February 1st 2017 I decided that it was the best next step for me in my career. While this decision seemed clear cut from a career point of view I must say that the thought of moving out of the National French Adviser seat so soon after having arrived was a very difficult one. I am loving every single minute and challenge of this Adviser role - creation of projects, support for PLD for you all, supporting the Language Assistants, working with the French Embassy and Alliance Française, contributing on the NZAFT discussion forum and the listserv and so much more - my job is my passion and I have loved coming to work every day - I don't intend that to change in my new role.

Thankyou all for the part that you have played in giving me endless support and encouragement since I took this position and for being tireless in the energy you give to your students and schools in the delivery of wonderful French programmes. You are truly a wonderful community of teachers and I have loved working with you since my first day as a beginning teacher all those years ago to now as the outgoing National French Adviser. I will follow your journeys with interest and encourage you to stay in touch.

The French language and culture is a huge part of who I am and while I will not be directly involved in the day to day goings on of the French teaching world I will certainly be present on our networks, at gatherings and generally chatting in French and baking delicious French treats. I will also be part of the workshops led by Manu Menard in February and hope to see many of you then.

In my new role as co-manager of ILEP I will be responsible for the curriculum support ILEP offers through the MoE contract and will be able to have more influence on what it is to build sustainable and engaging language programmes within NZ schools. For me, it will be a pleasure to have an influence across all languages and especially with senior managers and the MoE to keep raising the profile and direction of learning languages in Aotearoa.

C'est avec le plus grand plaisir que je vous présente Rosaria Campbell, la nouvelle Conseillère Nationale pour le français en Nouvelle-Zélande. Elle était enseignante à Napier Girls' High School à Hawke's Bay et elle a hâte de faire votre connaissance. Rosaria est travailleuse, dynamique et très ouverte à vous soutenir avec vos besoins pédagogiques. N'hésitez pas à contacter Rosaria: l'addresse email est la même, c'est à dire Rosaria et moi travaillons ensemble jusqu'au premier février.

Je vous souhaite une excellente année 2017 sachant que ce n'est qu'un au revoir ! Gros bisous mes chers collègues.


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