Monday, February 27, 2017

Alliance Française Film Festival - Education Outreach Programme

Our friends at the Alliance Française have been working hard...

Don't forget to access the vast array of educational resources for these children's films in the upcoming Alliance Film Festival... coming soon to a town near you!!

The link to resources for Adama, Fanny's Journey and My Mummy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill is here. There are different levels available (A1-A2 is good for Y9 and Y10s while B1 is good for Y11 and 12). The answers are found in the Teacher's Guide.

N'oubliez pas that you can also reschedule a film for a time that suits your students best. Consult the cinema showing the film here.

Bonne séance!!

A sneak peek at Marty's French library

Great things are happening in Napier in the French-learning world...

Watch this space as three schools form a partnership in a sustainable language programme in Taradale.

Mary Hanz, Principal at Taradale Primary, is imparting his passion for all things French to these juniors and is very resourceful with his use of time and space for making this happen. He is also a wonderful supporter of the Stage de Nouméa and you can read more about his experiences here.

He has collected a wonderful array of resources in his travels and it is encouraging to see his passion grow! Bravo Monsieur!

Takapuna French Day

Takapuna put on a stunning day for the French festival on Saturday the 25th of February.

There was even une course d'escargot!! Who is game to try this Escargot-go for Languages' Week?

It is one to amuse children and adults alike. In the snail race pictured, the winner snail took out the record time in 4 mins 47 seconds. With plenty of 'hourrah!' and music to race to, there was great rivalry amongst the onlookers. Our friends at the Alliance Française d'Auckland were also there offering mini French lessons.

One of our lovely French assistants, Justine Engel, was amongst the crowd... and invited her students along to attend this day of Francophile festivities.


La Découverte se découvre

jeudi, le 22. février 2017

This day marked a special day for Christchurch residents who commemorated the earthquake of 6 years ago. 

The French community also heralded the opening of la Découverte school - a bilingual school in Halswell, in the outskirts of Christchurch. Special dignitaries included Madame l'Ambassadeur, Florence Jean-Blanc Riesler, the Christchurch Central MP, Nicky Wagner, and FRENZ representatives.

There are 6 students beginning here in a totally immersive environment. Find out more about this exciting project - the first French-speaking school in the South Island - here.

P.S. Did you know that the weeping willows in Victoria Square in Christchurch were from the same trees as those that surround the grave of Napoleon Bonaparte in Corsica? C'est fascinant! Pour plus d'informations, cliquez ici.

Bonne continuation!


Merci mille fois Manu!

Wow... what a busy few weeks in the French-teaching world in Aotearoa. 

Here is a résumé from Manu's workshops in four regions, which were well-subscribed with teachers from all languages. The best turn-out by far was from Dunedin, with a significant representation from Columba College. Bravo!! 

We learnt some valuable tips around how to design tasks and embed them in a coherent framework. We also looked at how to weave the SAMR model and different thinking taxonomies into TBLT. And added a social outcome to give the tasks meaning to our students beyond the classroom.  

Do your tasks (Meaningful End Products) contain one of the 'four tricks'? 

- ideal (e.g. the ideal pet) 
- as much as... (who has the most similar...) 
- superlative (the best, the worst...)
- a tangible product (e.g. video, meal, boardgame) 

Manu has an empowering style and effectively challenges and critiques current teaching practice. His reinvestment into our community in the delivery of these workshops is a noble act to follow. 

The link for his Task-based learning book is here and if you wish to follow his writing journeys in France, don't hesitate to get in touch with him here. He would love to hear from you! Merci mille fois Manu. 

And... there will be more task-based literature workshops with a different literary presenter, Janine Kotwica, to follow... watch this space on the blog soon! 


Friday, February 17, 2017

DELF training - sign up now!

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!

Would you like to be trained to assess the internationally recognised DELF scolaire examination?

This could be a wonderful opportunity for you and your students to upskill in the language, gain a very reputable qualification and improve your ability to assess au même temps!!

It is also a fabulous way to showcase success in French to your local community (in assembly, newsletter write-ups, media reports etc). What a great way to promote cette belle langue!

The deadline for applications is just around the corner... for Auckland and Dunedin, the deadline is the 20th of February (this Monday).

It involves a weekend of training, so you would need to get half a day of relief on the Friday afternoon (or more if you need to travel to a major centre). The training is free, however accommodation and travel expenses to the venue are at  your own cost.

Language assistants are also encouraged to sign up.

The link to sign up online is here. Various levels are also on offer.

Auckland 10-12 mars 2017
Dunedin 10- 12 mars 2017
Wellington 24-26 mars 2017
Queenstown 24-26 mars 2017
Tauranga 19-21 mars 2017
Christchurch 19-21 mars 2017

N'hésitez pas à me contacter ou envoyez un mail directement à Inscrivez-vous au plus vite!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Danielle Cooper - our French superstar!

Danielle Cooper has launched a new French Facebook page entitled Francophone des Herbes. See her link below for more information!

She has written about it here...

Francophones en herbe
He aha te kai ō te rangatira?
He kōrero he kōrero he kōrero
What is the food of the leader? 
C’est la connaissance, c’est la communication.
It is knowledge, it is communication
The programme inspired me to start a group called Francophones en Herbe.

It is for French learners throughout New Zealand. Last June when I met the other Ambassadors I thought to myself how great it was to talk and to connect to so many other young people taking French from around New Zealand. I loved bonding with the others over our shared challenge of learning French, and meeting the enthusiastic Morgan Patterson and Pascale Hyboud Peron, made me think of what I could do as a learner of French for other learners in New Zealand. So I had a think and send a few messages out and after numerous emails, skype meetings, and one fabrication of a short video later voilà... Francophones en herbe was born!

Francophones en herbe is a Facebook group for senior level French students to encourage a community of young learners of French in New Zealand.
To create discussion about everything regarding learning French in New Zealand, a place where students can communicate with each other and share things that have helped them, made them laugh. And also a space to share what they find difficult or need help with.

I want to post what’s happening in New Zealand with French and the opportunities that one can have with the French language, including testimonies from people who have been on an exchange and have done something with French in uni or later on in life. If you have any content regarding French in NZ, have had any opportunities thanks to learning French that you’d like to share,  or have any questions to do with the group please don’t hesitate to message me from the group page.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Podcast + something great...

Bonjour à tous et à toutes!!!

J'espère que la rentrée s'est bien passée! 

Here is a snippet of a podcast that I recently completed with Joanna Smith from Language Fuel here. Check out the Resource Room also here. Joanna is a passionate language advocate, doing amazing things for our Language Learning community in New Zealand. It was a pleasure speaking to her and I hope that you enjoy listening to it! If you listen, you may learn of our exciting projects for 2017. This will be shared more explicitly soon!! 

Also, here's a little image to inspire you when creating anything GREAT in our language classroom. We have a fantastically supportive network of teachers who are our family. Don't forget that a little humour can go along way!! 

Please keep me posted on anything great that is happening in your classroom.

I look forward to organising visits with you soon!!