Thursday, February 9, 2017

Danielle Cooper - our French superstar!

Danielle Cooper has launched a new French Facebook page entitled Francophone des Herbes. See her link below for more information!

She has written about it here...

Francophones en herbe
He aha te kai ō te rangatira?
He kōrero he kōrero he kōrero
What is the food of the leader? 
C’est la connaissance, c’est la communication.
It is knowledge, it is communication
The programme inspired me to start a group called Francophones en Herbe.

It is for French learners throughout New Zealand. Last June when I met the other Ambassadors I thought to myself how great it was to talk and to connect to so many other young people taking French from around New Zealand. I loved bonding with the others over our shared challenge of learning French, and meeting the enthusiastic Morgan Patterson and Pascale Hyboud Peron, made me think of what I could do as a learner of French for other learners in New Zealand. So I had a think and send a few messages out and after numerous emails, skype meetings, and one fabrication of a short video later voilà... Francophones en herbe was born!

Francophones en herbe is a Facebook group for senior level French students to encourage a community of young learners of French in New Zealand.
To create discussion about everything regarding learning French in New Zealand, a place where students can communicate with each other and share things that have helped them, made them laugh. And also a space to share what they find difficult or need help with.

I want to post what’s happening in New Zealand with French and the opportunities that one can have with the French language, including testimonies from people who have been on an exchange and have done something with French in uni or later on in life. If you have any content regarding French in NZ, have had any opportunities thanks to learning French that you’d like to share,  or have any questions to do with the group please don’t hesitate to message me from the group page.

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