Monday, February 27, 2017

Merci mille fois Manu!

Wow... what a busy few weeks in the French-teaching world in Aotearoa. 

Here is a résumé from Manu's workshops in four regions, which were well-subscribed with teachers from all languages. The best turn-out by far was from Dunedin, with a significant representation from Columba College. Bravo!! 

We learnt some valuable tips around how to design tasks and embed them in a coherent framework. We also looked at how to weave the SAMR model and different thinking taxonomies into TBLT. And added a social outcome to give the tasks meaning to our students beyond the classroom.  

Do your tasks (Meaningful End Products) contain one of the 'four tricks'? 

- ideal (e.g. the ideal pet) 
- as much as... (who has the most similar...) 
- superlative (the best, the worst...)
- a tangible product (e.g. video, meal, boardgame) 

Manu has an empowering style and effectively challenges and critiques current teaching practice. His reinvestment into our community in the delivery of these workshops is a noble act to follow. 

The link for his Task-based learning book is here and if you wish to follow his writing journeys in France, don't hesitate to get in touch with him here. He would love to hear from you! Merci mille fois Manu. 

And... there will be more task-based literature workshops with a different literary presenter, Janine Kotwica, to follow... watch this space on the blog soon! 


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